Thursday, August 19, 2010

House Rules

I came across a project a few weeks ago at The Pleated Poppy that I couldn't wait to try.  It didn't require too many supplies and it was a fun thing to do.  I am very happy with the outcome!

House Rules Canvas

I started with a blank canvas.  I painted the edges the same color as our kitchen walls (Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage).

After the paint dried, I cut several pieces of scrapbook paper with different widths and edges. 

Next, I painted a layer of Mod Podge over the scrapbook paper.  *I haven't used Mod Podge since my days as a counselor at Lutheridge...I forgot how much fun it is!

After the first layer of Mod Podge dried, I was ready to add my "rules."  I cut the rules, which I had printed off on transparent printer paper, to small strips and began to glue them over the scrapbook paper with another layer of Mod Podge.

And here is the finished project:

Now we just have to find a place to hang it!

Cowherd Family Rules:
  • Encourage Each Other
  • Use Nice Words
  • Say Your Prayers
  • No Whining
  • Always Give to Others First
  • Keep Your Promises
  • Sing Silly, Dance Crazy, Hug Often
  • Never Leave Angry
  • Use Your Manners
  • Say, "I Love You"

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