Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bat Boy

Jon has been out of town since Saturday and just arrived back late last night.  Parker was so happy when he woke up this morning to discover that "Daddy was home!"  Although Parker did a great job acting as the man of the house while Jon was away, we were all happy for him to be home!

While Jon was out of town, he was able to catch a baseball game with Pops at the new Yankees Stadium.

They had a great time, plus the Yankees won!  (More on his trip later...)

Daddy brought home a few memorobilia items to help encourage Parker that he should pull for the Bronx Bombers...

But I'm not sure Parker feels the same way!

He did, however, love the new Louisville Slugger bat...


...and couldn't wait to show us the "perfect swing."

("This one's for you, Mom")


"Batter Up!"

1 comment:

  1. Gabe would be super jealous to know that Jon was able to see a Yankees game...he keeps telling me that we are going if they make it to the world series is also Gabe's dream for our kids to be Yankees fans, but we will see about that! :)
    Love your blog and your "house rules" project you are so talented!



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