Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are the Champions

I don't know about you, but the Cowherd household has been watching a lot of baseball lately, Parker included.  This baseball season, USC did the extraordinary when they went from facing one strike from elimination to winning the College World Series!  It has been an exciting season.

In case you didn't hear it, click here to listen to the final call.

Since the big win on Tuesday evening, Columbia has been crazy.

Jon made it to the celebration to welcome the team home yesterday afternoon.  Parker and I watched from home.  It is a monumental occasion for the state of South Carolina and the history of the Gamecocks! 

Tomorrow a parade is planned for the players on downtown Main Street and I plan to be there.

Even Governor Mark Sanford declared today, July 1, Gamecocks Baseball National Champions Day.  The flag is flying high over the State House!

It sure does feel good to be a Gamecock!

We'll finish this post with a couple of insights from Jon:

- 7 games, 68 innings, 16 ER in CWS = 2.11 ERA

- In the last five games 50 innings and only 8 ER = 1.44 ERA

- Championship Series - 20 innings and 2 runs = 0.90 ERA

- That is ridiculous and exactly why we are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

- Cooper, Dyson, Roth and Price dominated.  Our team is defined by pitching and the word “team”.  Everyone played a part.  Tanner is a class act.  The Teal story was touching and I really feel there was something else in the works with this run.  My stomach was twisted the entire final game but it feels unbelievable to be called National Champs.  Wow, Carolina is turning a corner and this is just the start.

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