Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our trip to Greenville

We had a great trip to Greenville this past weekend to meet Baby Emery.  She is so sweet and is such a good baby.  I don't ever remember Parker being as little as she is, although I know he was at one point.  Every time I held Emery, Parker would flash a big grin and come lay his head on my lap.  He's going to make a good big brother one day :)   While we were there, Zane and Ellen showed us their vegetable garden which is amazing.  This summer, they will be able to feed the entire neighborhood from that garden.  They inspired us to work on ours.  They also inspired us to do some home projects - their house looked beautiful with their newly installed wood floors.

Sunday afternoon, we headed to downtown Greenville.  Jacob and Cameron were actually up visiting family for the weekend, so we were able to meet up with them. 

I wish I had remembered to pull out my camera a few more times during the weekend.  I only captured one photo of Emery (and she was sleeping).  I'm sure we'll have plenty of more opportunities, so you'll have to take my word right now that she is absolutely adorable.

Zane and Ellen - thanks for inviting us up for the weekend to your beautiful home and congrats again on your sweet baby girl. 

(We've increasingly noticed this side of Parker beginning to surface - terrible two's a little early?)

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  1. awww we had so much fun and we love you guys! thanks for the post! ellen



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