Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Jersey: Part I

We are back from our trip to New Jersey. It was a great time, other than the air travel, which I promise not to complain about. We had fun seeing everyone and introducing Parker to a few new people! Below is the first post of pictures from our trip. I took a lot of pictures, so I decided to split them into two posts. To see all of our pictures from Christmas/New Year's 2009, click here.

Santa had even left a stocking for Parker and Pops and Oma's!

The snow was beautiful, but I think I've had my fill for the year. I've decided I'm more of a warm-weather girl :)

Opening Christmas presents with Uncle Bob.

Jon and his best friend, Jay. We had a great time at a New Year's Eve party at Jay's house and saw an awesome fireworks show!

New Year's Day we watched football and played in the snow! The following photos don't actually depict Parker "having a good time," but I think he did. I saw a few smiles while we were out there, but didn't get any on camera.

Building a snowman with Dillon!

Just the right size!

Stay tuned for more pictures...

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