Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gramsy Came to Visit Us

The Cowherd's are running on empty! Why you ask?

Parker + upper respiratory infection = not much sleep for Dad and Mom

However, he still is his happy self, except for at night when he has to lay down. Hopefully all of the congestion will clear out soon and he will be feeling back to normal.

To help this sleepless week seem better, I keep reminding myself that it won't be much longer until we're at Isle of Palms on our beach vacation which begins this Sunday morning. This will be Parker's first beach trip. I hope he likes the ocean as much as Jon and I do and that he doesn't try to eat too much sand! I am looking forward to sitting on the beach with a good book (any suggestions?), listening to Jimmy Buffet on the IPOD with a cold Corona Light within arm's reach!

We always have a fun time at the beach. This year we will have a full house with two additions - Cameron and Parker.

This past weekend Gramsy came into town and we had lots of fun! Thankfully, Parker wasn't feeling bad while she was here. She thought Parker looked completely different from the last time she had seen him in April.

Friday night, Jon enjoyed an evening out with the guys while Grams and I spent some time together visiting. We did the same thing on Saturday and Sunday - it was a very nice and relaxing weekend. She made us some gourmet meals which we really appreciated and enjoyed. We couldn't remember the last time we had at least four things on our plate at once! Parker had a good time playing "Bump Bump" and "Bory Bory Smudge" with Gramsy. We can't wait to see her again!

Gramsy brought her sewing machine with her and I made a couple of things this weekend. What do you think of my work? You can spot the pacifier clip I made in one of the pictures above.

Finally, I know he's making a horrible face, but can you see his two bottom teeth? They are both all the way in.

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  1. I hope Parker and you guys are feeling better soon!! Miss you!




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