Friday, June 26, 2009


Zane and Ellen, two of our best friends from college, are heading down to Columbia tonight to spend the weekend with us. We haven't seen them since February - that's way too long if you ask me!

Jon and I met Zane when we were all freshman at USC. Zane and Jon lived on the same hall in Laborde. Several football games and mountain trips later, we became pretty good friends. Jon and Zane ended up rooming together in the famous South Harden house during their junior and senior years.

I met Ellen my junior year when I joined the sorority Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Ellen had been in ESA since her freshman year. We quickly began to know each other, and at the same time, she and Zane started spending time together after meeting in a German class. They ended up dating, which obviously turned into something more serious considering they are now "Mr. and Mrs. Abbott." Ellen and I were also roommates for 6 months during our last semester at school.

The Abbott's live in Greenville, not too far away, but farther than we would like. We always have lots of fun when we get together. They have only met Parker once, so I'm excited for them to see how much he has grown.

A quick trip down memory lane...

We don't have big plans for this weekend...maybe some pool time and a round of golf for the guys, but mainly just spending time together and catching up.

Happy Friday!

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