Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Meredith and this past weekend

First things first...

Happy Birthday Aunt Meredith!

We hope you have a great day celebrating your birthday and a fun trip to New Jersey later this week! Parker is so lucky to have a (soon-to-be-doctor) aunt like you!

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. After work on Friday, Parker and I headed over to The Art Elements (if you've never been, you should definitely check it out) where he created this for his Daddy, Pops and Granddaddy: (Pops don't look - yours is on its way with Aunt Meredith)

He did such a good job making those teeny tiny foot prints.

*Side note: on Sunday's you can take your favorite furry friend into The Art Elements and paint their paw on a dish or photo frame. I can't wait to take Brice!*

But I digress...

After our painting excursion, we picked up Jon and headed out to Sandhills to listen to some live music. After listening to the music and walking in and out of a few stores, we decided it was time to head home. However; we didn't leave empty-handed. We picked up this "C" nightlight for our downstairs bathroom for quite a bargain!

We took it easy most of the day on Saturday - it was too hot in Columbia to do anything other than stay inside and try to stay cool. Jon had fun playing his new PS3 game while Parker and I played and spent some time together. Click here to see some photos from the past weekend. Below are a couple of my favorites:

Saturday night we attended a "Stock the Bar" party for Paul and Lauren - some new friends from church who are getting married in November. We had a great time and met some fun people. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me at the party so no pictures to share!

After church on Sunday morning we went home, grilled some brats and stayed inside for most of the day.

We did get out to take a walk later in the afternoon and ended up at the lake where we did this:

Finally, Parker tried sweet potatoes for the first time this weekend. I think he liked them...what do you think?

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend also. It's only Tuesday and we're already spiraling down a super busy week. I'm so excited that my mom is here for most of the week. Parker is having fun spending time with Grandmomma and Brice is enjoying Gabe! Tomorrow night she and I are helping host a wedding shower for an old friend from church and high school. Jon and I have a date night to see Dane Cook on Thursday night and we just found out that the Abbott's are coming in to visit us for the entire weekend - we are so excited. It has been way too long since we've seen them!

Stay Cool!

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