Monday, March 14, 2011

Springtime Fun

Parker, Brice and I enjoyed some springtime fun in the backyard Sunday afternoon while Jon was out of town.

I also finished a few painting projects (with Aunt Laura's help)!

Parker's birthday present this year was a play set!  After weeks (literally) of hard work by Jon (and me), it is finished!  Now, all we have to do it haul in some mulch.  A special thanks to Jared  for all of his help, too!  Parker is so excited to play on his new play set.  I'll plan to take some pictures of the completed fun zone in the next few days.  As much as we love DIY projects, I would encourage anyone thinking about installing a play set to consider the option of paying the extra money to have someone put it together.

I made this sign yesterday for "Parker's Place:"

The view from atop the play set fort.  We had our afternoon snack up here yesterday!

My sweet boy!

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