Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend!  I was surprised Friday afternoon with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Jon.

Later that evening, I went out with the girl's to the New York Butcher Shoppe (NYBS) in Lake Carolina.  After dinner, we stuck around for trivia and won second place!  I can't wait to go back and play again.  Next time, we're taking the guys along with us...we figured we'll have a better chance at the sports and history questions it they are with us.  If you live in this area, the NYBS has trivia every Friday night and it is lots of fun.

We had a costume party Saturday afternoon for Mee Jean's birthday.  This year, we dressed up as the Rubble family: Barney, Betty and Bam Bam.  (Parker truly represents Bam Bam in all aspects).  Our friends, the Fox's, were the Flintstones family.  It was so much fun.  Happy Birthday Mee Jean - thanks for inviting us! 

After the costume party, we had some people over to cheer on the Gamecocks.  (21 - 7, USC - Go Cocks!)  Jon baked me a cake this year which was super yummy!

Sunday afternoon, we walked up to the annual Lake Scare-o-lina festival on the Village Green.  Parker went as a cowboy, but quickly lost his horse and hat.  I'm wondering how he will do on Sunday going door to door and trick-or-treating.

Now, I'm enjoying learning how to use my birthday present - a Cricut machine.  The Cricut is a personal electronic cutting machine and the possibilities of what you can create are endless.  I can't wait to share some projects!

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