Friday, June 11, 2010

Roommate Reunion(s)

We have a busy weekend planned.  Friday evening, we're hitting the road and heading up to Rock Hill to spend the evening celebrating with Jay and Meredith at their engagement party.  Meredith and I met our freshman year at Carolina when we lived on the same hall.  We got along great so we decided to room together the following year.  Allie, who I get to see tonight and haven't seen in forever, and Hannah, another best, were the other roomies.  I have so many great memories from the years we spent together at the Commons! 

Check out our DIY art in the background!
Meredith and Jon - such a funny picture 

Such a long time ago - our trip to New Jersey

On Saturday, we're headed to Cheraw to see another one of my roommates, from a different house during college, get married.  (As an aside: I lived in five different places throughout college - that was a lot of moving!)  My last semester at Carolina, I moved in with Ellen and Megan, who were wonderful roommates as well :) 

Megan and Me

Not only do we get to see Megan walk down the aisle, but we also get to spend time with Zane and Ellen and of course, sweet baby Emery!

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