Monday, February 8, 2010

High-Fives for a Great Weekend

High-fives for bedtime cookies and milk!

We had another nice weekend. Despite Friday's weather, the YA'LL (Young Adults Living Lutheran) meeting turned out great. We had 12 adults and 4 kids over for the first meeting. Everyone is excited to get this group started at the church!

We spent most of Saturday running all around town without accomplishing much of anything. We did stop by Woodley's Garden Center to get ideas for our backyard, and while there, ran into my co-worker, Pat. She gave us the name of someone who might be able to provide landscape design advice. The designer is actually the landscape designer for the University of South Carolina. Jon said we should just ask if he can make our yard look like the Horseshoe.

After church yesterday, we bought soup from the youth for Souper Bowl Sunday and headed home for a lazy afternoon. Since I felt like I hadn't seen the sun for days, I tried to enjoy it and planted about 30 daffodil bulbs that Grams mailed to us over the holidays. Jon played with Parker and taught him how to throw a ball. He's actually pretty good at it now :)

The first signs of spring are beginning to appear - or at least I hope so! While working in the yard, I noticed the first signs slowing coming up through the ground.




We have a busy week ahead. Happy Monday to all and happy birthday Pops!

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