Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hanging Around

We've been doing a lot of hanging out around the house lately...

The weather was so cold and rainy last weekend that Parker and I never left the house! Jon made a quick trip to Lowe's, but other than that, we stayed inside. The forecast calls for another wet and cold weekend beginning tomorrow. I can't wait for springtime!

Parker is walking everywhere now. It is unbelievable to watch him grow up so quickly. He's not a little baby anymore - he's turning into a little boy. Although, it is bittersweet to see him grow up so fast, it is also exciting to watch him develop into his own little person. I hope to upload a few videos of him walking soon. Check out his curly blonde locks. His hair is getting so long, but I don't want to take him to get it cut!

While we've been at home the past several weekends, we've been able to get several things accomplished.

Two weekends ago, we mounted the television and installed our outdoor speakers.

This past weekend, we decided to tackle the picnic table. Let me tell you, seven years of sitting outside in all types of weather requires lots of sanding. Fortunately, we were able to get it all sanded with the power sander in about three hours. We stained the table in a nice red oak finish. Other than the fact that the entire house still smells like Minwax wood stain, I'm pleased with the results. Now, we just have to wait another day or so and we'll give it a good coat of polyurethane and it will be ready for the warm weather.

Much better :)
A few weekends ago, my parents brought us an old toy chest that I used as a kid. Other than a bright blue color and a broken hinge, it was in pretty good shape. I repainted it and Jon fixed the hinge ('hence the one trip to Lowe's last weekend). Lastly, I used some vinyl letters to spruce it up. It's wonderful to have a central place to keep all Parker's toys...although they always seem to end up everywhere other than the toy chest when he's playing!

We're staying around Columbia again this weekend. I'm helping with a new group at our church, YA'LL (Young Adults Living Lutheran) and we have our first get together Friday evening. Jon and I are hosting it at our house (hoping that the wood stain smell will be gone by then)! I'm so excited to get this program started!

The circus is in town this weekend, so we may end up there!

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