Friday, January 29, 2010

Some After Photos

We are still in the process of finishing up the TV mounting project. (I was told this would take about four hours)! The TV is mounted and we're happy with the results, but we still have to finish patching the drywall that was cut out to run the wires. Below are a few pictures from the installation and mounting.

Jon has also finished hooking up our outside speakers. I can't wait to enjoy the backyard this spring. Hopefully warmer weather is only a few weeks away!

I have such a handy hubby!

Brice does not look too thrilled about this...

Let's begin!

We took a few breaks to walk around the yard. Doesn't Parker look like such a little boy in his track suit? Thanks Joe and Michelle!

Back inside to patch up the wall.

Proof that I helped!
The "almost" finished product.

We have a low-key weekend planned. Just finishing up some un-finished projects around the house. We're expected to receive a lot of cold rain tonight and tomorrow. We'll be inside staying warm and dry.

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  1. The TV looks good guys! Can't wait to see it.



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