Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lights Everywhere

This past Friday, our neighborhood had its annual "Harborside Lights." The weather wasn't too cold, so we bundled up Parker and took a stroll through the neighborhood. In the town Center, there were several vendors out along with hayrides, Santa and marshmallow roasters. We had a great time!

After the lights, we went back home and I headed downtown for a bit for Cameron's bachelorette party. It was so much fun! Can't believe that the big day is this Saturday!

Saturday morning, we did some stuff around the house and then went to the Chapman's for a very delicious holiday meal. After dinner, we took a ride to see the Lights at Riverbanks Zoo. This was Parker's first time at the zoo. Most of the animals were up for the night, but he did get to see a few.

Jon played golf with a client on Sunday, so I stuck around the house with the boys. I got a little Christmas shopping finished then decorated a little bit more. After that, I attempted to get a good Christmas photo...see below. It was much harder than I expected!

Out of about 200 photos, this was the best I got.

Most of them turned out more like this...don't they both look miserable? This makes me laugh everytime I look at it...

We are counting down the days until the big wedding this weekend. We'll be busy, but I can't wait to post pictures of the big event!

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  1. Loved your pictures. It's hard to believe you folks were 'bundled up.' We had 6" of snow yesterday! I think I sent you our TDay pictures where we tried to get 11 all looking at the camera, and Tyler kept leaving! Can't wait to see wedding pictures. Linda M.



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