Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What we've been up to lately

I know it's been awhile...we've been staying busy! I just returned from a work conference in Myrtle Beach. Jon did a great job keeping things up on the home front, but I was ready to get home; and I think he was ready for me to be home :) Although it was hard to be away from my boys, I did enjoy the conference along with the beach views!

Two weekends ago, we went to the Carolina vs. Kentucky game. It was an early game, but we were able to fit in a little tailgating. Although it was a close game, the Gamecocks pulled out a win!

This past Friday evening, Jon and I took Parker back to our high school Alma Mater, Lexington, to watch the football game. I can't believe how much Lexington High School has changed! We met up with some great friends, Hannah, Mark and Kevin, and reminisced about our years in high school. We sat with the band, so Parker was entertained throughout the night. However, for some reason he has the habit of falling asleep at the very beginning of every football game he's ever been to.

This was the best family photo we were able to get...

Look at this big boy! Can you believe he is standing on his own? He doesn't do it for very long yet, but he gets very excited when he pulls himself into the standing position and lets go.

Finally, here's a few pictures of my little pumpkin!

We have another busy weekend planned. We're looking forward to a visit from Pop and Oma - they fly in today for a long weekend! We have plans to visit a pumpkin patch with them tonight. I plan to take some pictures to share!

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