Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Already five months old

Can you believe Parker turned five months old earlier this week? He is growing SO fast and is getting SO big!

What has Parker been up to lately?

Lately, he has...
  • ...discovered his feet (although he isn't trying to eat them yet).
  • ...begun to sit unsupported for about 10 seconds before he topples over. When he realizes that he is sitting, he gets very excited and begins to laugh. He also is constantly trying to push himself up.
  • ...cut his first tooth. Well, it's almost all the way in. Teething hasn't been too bad so far, just some extra fussiness, but a cold teething ring usually solves the problem.
  • ...had his first taste of big boy food. He tried bananas this past weekend and seemed to like them. I believe he likes the sweet stuff better than the rice cereal.
It seems like he learns a new trick just about everyday!

Finally, here's a picture of what happens when Daddy is in charge of bath time:

Also, we want to wish Nanette a very Happy Birthday today! We hope you have a wonderful day and can't wait to see you soon!

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